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Re: SVO: Hydraulic Clutch Retrofit

Cameron Bush@TRANSALTA
22/12/97 04:25 PM

Thanks for the responses to my post about my problem clutch. This weekend I
jacked the car up and poked around. I removed the dust cover over the
clutch lever (?) and used a light and mirror to look in the bell housing ->
lots of oil :-(  And it's starting to drip oil, as well. FWIW, I did
replace the rear seal when I installed the flywheel, but I only know enough
about cars to be dangerous so I usually get things right on the second or
third go around. (I enjoy the learning stuff, though.) This time, with
Christmas and our first baby just a few days away, I'm going to give in and
take it to a shop.

> How do you like this setup?  Does it rev up faster now?
Anyway, I like the aluminum flywheel a lot for street driving. Revs up
great! I don't drag or road race, so I can't comment on those applications.

Cam Bush
'86 SVO