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Re: SVO: Exhaust Manifold porting

At 05:48 PM 12/22/97 -0500, Ric Gillis wrote:
>I hear a lot of talk about porting the exhaust.  Is this done on both the
>head side of the manifold and the turbo side or just the turbo side?

Believe it's both sides -- don't remember for sure -- and I don't have
access to photos of the turbo side at the moment. 

I do have photos of the head side posted at


Nick did the work in the photos here on my 1986 SVO. He was good to deal
with and I believe Nick does good work. Dave Compton also does exhaust
manifolds, but I haven't seen his work. Or I suppose you could do it
yourself, but it could be a costly experiment.

>Am I opening a can of worms, by loosening all those untouched 10year + old

In my opinin, yes. I had to have other work done, so I did all related work
at the same time. But I wouldn't do it just to do it. But I tend to be more


Good luck!

Jim Dvorak (aka jim@mustangsvo.org)
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