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Re: SVO List

In a message dated 97-12-22 15:37:14 EST, rumoving@bellsouth.net writes:

<< Just let me add to the 'be nice' part. If you don't agree with someones
 opinion or suggestion, just say it..."I have a different point of view"
 or such. Repeating yourself or being a smartass makes you sound less
 intelligent...then it turns into harrassment.
I agree whole heartedly with Bud. 
If you remember, Joe came out and said "I measured a stock head with a dial
indicator and it can't be done"or something to that direct effect. He stated
that Nick was a liar and his cam could not work because he(joe) checked it.
That was an attack. An adult way of phrasing it would have been something like
"I checked a stock head with a dial indicator and Can't see how it is possible
for it to work. How do you do it or how is this possible." This opens up a
discussion not an attack, calling someone a Liar is an outright attack.
I fully support Dave's actions. Its unfortunate it had to happen but necessary
at this point.

Now on to productive discussions......

Paul (CCA Pres.)