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Re: 2.3 heads

jengel@fastlane.net wrote:
> I have a late-model head - probably from a Ranger.  It has 8 plugs
> and a roller cam.  Compared to the '88 T'bird head, is it worth
> investing any time/effort/money into?
> Since it's not in use, it sure would be a lot easier to modify. . .

The cam would be a cool, but cheap way to get a roller, but it's really

The head has different intake ports...plus how are you planning on
driving the *other* plugs?  We've thought about messing with an 8-plug
turbo deal...but it keeps falling by the wayside.

All the old Dan Gurney Toyotas had 8-plugs -- you could get by with much
less timing, but the chambers and piston shape might be a problem, since
it's a higher-compression, swirl design.

Talk to you soon,