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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #81

. This is why we are
>going to the dyno. We know what it make with our set-up. Over 330 lbs ft
>torque @3200 and over 330 hp @ 5850, with pump gas and 17lbs of boost. 
>this is with our set-up, add our mass-air or a header , more fuel and 
>you will
>make alot more. Thanks again
   This sounds cool PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  do these modifactions in
different steps (dyno or other sort of step inbetween) so we can see the
result of each mod.

>From: "Dave Compton" <DCompton@JNPCS.COM>
>Subject: Fw: SVO List
>It had to happen...

WOW, This is worse than Baywatch getting canceled now what am I going to
do.  Maybe Nick could join the other list
(morehead.msus.edu..whatever.something.) that way at least I'll have
something fun to read.  To bad for them and to bad for us.


Texas friendly spoken here.