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Re: SVO: Fog Lights

SVO8ntno50 wrote:

>Is it possible
> for the switch to be burned out or not working even if the light goes on??

When I purchased the 85' and drove it home from Atlanta..the premium
fuel switch would light up but would only allow 9lbs of boost. Other
than that, the trip home went fine (about 225 miles one way). Once home,
I swapped the fog light and premium fuel switches (btw, they're
identical swicthes internally)...went for a *spool* down the street
..'swing'..14lbs of boost.

Have you tried the 'ole swapping switches'?? Wasn't it mentioned on here
once before that some parts place (Napa I believe it was) carried the
switch..you needed to add your bezel to it though....or was I discussing
that elsewhere?

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E (still detailing engine parts..this sux)