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SVO List

I wanted to jump in to the cam debate(MUD SLINGING), but I was afraid to
get my head chewed off by some people for not knowing what I was talking
about. By the way I have 15 years experience as a mechanic and have
worked for two Ford dealerships over the years and currently have an
reconditioning business. I do have a little experience with Ford
products, as thats all that I have owned over the years.(4 Mustangs,2
LTD's,2 Grand Marquis,1 T-Bird TC)
I became a member of this list to talk about my car with other people I
thought had the same interest as myself.
There are 140 people on this list, give or take three, and many of us
have stock cars or cars with a few mods that are not very much
in big cams or whether or not a 3" downpipe works or not.
Some of us have questions about our cars, some of us have the answers.
We may never get the chance to ask our questions or give our answers
because someone who was kicked off this list knows all and was stuck on
one subject for a month!!!
I have 15 years experience but I am allways willing to learn something
I think some of the list members should learn something too.

Thanks for letting me speak my peace.

Kevin Cirelli
1985 SVO (Nearly all stock)