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Re: SVO List

Bud said:
>I know this is comparing apples to oranges, but do you see the similarity?

Joe said:
> No...not really...> 

what I was trying to convey was...'someone didn't agree with me about a
performance upgrade and called me a liar..even though I knew that it

Bud said:
> > Ever thought about taking the 'discussion' off list?

Joe said:
> It started on the list...and that's what I understood the list was
> intended for -- discussion.  

OK...but this isn't a "discussion" anymore. 

Bud said:
>your approach to this subject is a little ..let's say 'rude'.

Joe said:
> Sorry if it appears that way to you, but I prefer to think of it as
> "persistent".

No Joe, persistent would be asking the same question in a repetitive
manner. You're not getting the answer you're wanting and started using
abusive language...you're being rude.

Bud said:
>He won't sell the product and people will say "hey, Joe was
> > right"...but for now, let it slide.

Joe said:
> That's not true...he'll keep selling it 

No he won't...have faith in your fellow americans Joe. If it's not a
good product or doesn't live up to the hype, then it won't sell. There's
also a thing called 'buyer beware'. You can't be "Turbo Joe"..superhero,
slayer of all bogus 2.3 liter vendors.

Joe said:
>I was going to check it -- because it sounded fishy.

If it does, then I don't blame you for doing so. Report your findings
and be done with it. "hey, I checked Nick's cam and the numbers don't
add up...care to explain Nick?..no?" Let everyone else decide on their

> I don't bear a bit of hostility towards either Nick or Dave...until the
> other day, I considered Dave to be a good friend of mine...maybe we
> still are, but maybe we aren't.  Like I said when this started, I've
> always heard that Nick is really nice in person also...so are lots of
> other people that I know on here.  That's why I stick around.  Not
> necessarily to make new friends or pick up on speed tips, but to help my
> friends weed through conflicting and sometimes impossible claims.

I thought this true, but here lately it just sounded like you're going
too far.

Enough of the "joe said, bud said, dave said, scott said, nick
said"...anyone with a recent humorous SVO/2.3 liter story? We need
something to rid the list of the 'black cloud syndrome'. Anyone getting
an SVO in the driveway for Christmas?

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E