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Re: Turbo's

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Matt Carlson wrote:

> Fred Kuzyk wrote:
> > True, they're pretty much the same. The water cooled are considered
> > better, as Ford discontinued selling the oil-cooled bearing models.
> > There is some variance with the seals/ internal parts but this easily
> > discovered once you've torn yours down, so that you can get the proper
> >
> > service kit. Always good to check the specs on a used one for wear, do
> > a
> > rebuild & get it balanced, before installing -
> Where Can you get something like that balanced? I wonder if there is
> anywhere around here (middle of nowhere) that can do that...

Don't worry about it Matt, just don't tear apart the CHRA on the '85 Merk
turbo and you'll be fine...It should be good to go.