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Re: SVO: Exhaust Manifold porting


> I should have mentioned that I had an 87 XR and I am almost positive its the
> late style.

If it has an allen plug between 2 and 3 it's early -- if not, it's late.

> My setup right now is: K&N in the stock box, SVO meter/ SuperChip (I know),

The Superchip doesn't hurt anything...it just doesn't do anything if you
already have a PE box (late SVO)...maybe it makes a non-intercooled box
work better...maybe like a stock PE -- then it would be a deal.

> I figure about the cheapest next step is the manifold, then next prob. ditch the stock cat.

Why not get a big K&N cone?  That's definitely cheaper and it'll
probably help more.