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Re: Turbo's

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Cory Erickson wrote:

> > > service kit. Always good to check the specs on a used one for wear, do
> > > a
> > > rebuild & get it balanced, before installing -
> > 
> > Where Can you get something like that balanced? I wonder if there is
> > anywhere around here (middle of nowhere) that can do that...
> Don't worry about it Matt, just don't tear apart the CHRA on the '85 Merk
> turbo and you'll be fine...It should be good to go.

Did you ever get the turbo anyhow?:)
well, either way....
if I have the turbo out of the car and sitting on a table in fromt of me,
Im gonna tear it down and do some stuff to it.  When else is there a
better time? After you put it an and it fogs teh neighborhood for
mosquitos(do they have those up there in the Arctic Tundra? Either way,
thats Nicks job...I hear he was smokin up a sptorm a t carlise.)

But....All you do once you get the housings off is put a mark of paint in
the 12 o clock position on each wheel, then upon reassmelby all you need
to do is line up the dots.  its atleast as close to what oyu have now.  
But a used turbo I usually take apart, clean, and replace the shaft
bearings ~$10, piston ring seal ~5, and the carbon seal, ~10.  Depending
on how bad, I will also do a thrust bearing, but usually hold off becasue
they are like 25-30 bux.

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