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Re: SVO: Re: Winter time maintenance.

In a message dated 97-12-22 21:25:44 EST, shidel@suntan.eng.usf.edu writes:

 Actually, it had nothing to do with Nick, but I find it kinda funny that
 when i was talkin about snakoil you immediatly thought I was talking about
 The way I actually got the idea for the post was sitting on the #ford IRC
 channel(you know, a place were people who are in to going fast hang out),
 and we were jokin aobut why some guys car wouldnt start.  And I remembered
 a similar post from along time ago.  I just did it to break up the tension
 of the cam debate, and the blandness of how far in X and Y direction
 should the emblems be placed, and to how many significant digits the value
 > Since I have voiced this opinion, I expect those guilty of this behavior
 > "flame" me over this and thats exactly what I expect. You can prove me
 > on this but You cant hold back your attacks on others, why should this be
 > different. This is not aimed at any one individual, those people know if
 > applies to them. So go ahead, Flame me.... and prove my point!
 I responded to Scott Off List and sent a copy to Dave. If Dave wants it on
list, thats up to him and I dont mind. I did not want to waste bandwidth with
things people dont want to read.

Thanks, Paul (CCA Pres.)
 Hmmm, this is kinda odd.  You said I am going to flame you, becasue I cant
 resist.  hello, you flamed me, and for no reason I mite add.
 FYI, just becasue I disagree with someone and think they are full of crap
 and do not take their word as gospel when they say "it works cuz I say it
 works", doesnt mean I am flaming the person.
 man, I just wish Steve Davis would join the list.  Then I could watch
 everyone that talks sh*t about him now start kissin his @ss.