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Re: SVO: Fog Lights-check bulb holder

When my 84 was 2 or 3 years old, the fog lights didn't work even though
the lighted switch worked.  The first time it was the bulbs (one, then the
other went out).   I put in cheap bulbs I ordered from J.C. Whitney. 
Those bulbs burned out within the year.  What also happened was that the
bulb holders became "charred" so to speak.  I replaced the bulb holders
and got new Osram bulbs.  I have had this set in the car for nearly 10
years or so.
	Back then I got bulb holders from Dave Bean Engineering in San
Andreas, CA, as they carried all kinds of Cibie/Marchal lights/parts.  I
know they no longer have them (I bought the last Marchal plug-in set of
fogs that Motorsport used to carry as spares years ago.)   They might,
however, know of a Cibie distributer for getting bulb holders.  Cibie's
U.S. headquarters used to be in Hampton, Va.
	So check the bulb holders.

Jon Bekenstein, N.C. SVOOA
84 SVO, 1C, Leather