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I have made an error.  Worse yet I have promulgated it in several places. 
That's why I'm sending this to several places.  Apologies if you get more
than one of these messages.

I stated, on several occasions that the Premium/Regular Octane switch pin
on an 85.5-86 SVO EEC-IV, was on pin 31.  It is not.  It's Pin 30.  This
also applies to the Rapido SVO+ computer.  On the XR4ti, pin 30 is the
Neutral Drive Switch pin.  This means that for a late SVO computer in a
manual transmission XR, no changes need to be made.  In an Automatic XR (or
practically any other Ford, that can take the SVO computer as a straight
swap, that has an automatic), then you need to tie pin 30 to the sig return

I'm afraid I was also the original source of this information in Allan's
book, and it's also wrong there.

So, ground Pin 30 for the WOOHOO! mode.  (And in an 87-88 TC it's pin 24)

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