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SVO: Cracked welds aft of sail panels

Seeing all the stuff about flexing without subframe connectors, I wonder
if any other SVOs have what appear to be cracked spot welds between the
sail panels and hatch.  My 84 has developed 'em on both sides.  There are
two other 84's that I know have 'em on both sides.  The 85.5 and 86's I
have seen (and only a few, really), don't have them.
	Was this a problem on 84's that was corrected with better welding,
or was it related to the inferior paint in 84?  Anyone know?
	The cracks appear to be about 3/4 inch long and irregular, causing
a buckling of the paint.

	Also, I remember reading in early SVOOA newsletters about the
pliable sealant used to fill in along body seams, particularly along the
upper part of the hatch, getting brittle and causing leaks and then rust. 
Mine became brittle and cracked, as well.   I filled them in with 3M drip
check.  I haven't closely inspected the entire seam along the top of the
hatch, as the hatch has to be removed for this.
	Check this plastic filler. It is really easy to check along the
upper corners of the body opening for the hatch.  Prevent major water
damage now.

Jon Bekenstein
84 SVO, 1C, Leather