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Re: SVO: Re: subframe connectors

In a message dated 97-12-23 09:50:51 EST, DCompton@JNPCS.COM writes:

<< Not to diss Jon or Grigg's...
 He's right about subframe connectors.
 I launched my SVO about 10 HARD times, during the back to back cam testing.
  I now have a plate sized dent in my roof back by the hatch.  I'm pretty
 sure it's torque induced.
 I now have HP Motorsports subframe connectors.  IMO, they're the best
 fitting, and they were also the cheapest.  Get the car trued, and then have
 them welded in, everywhere.
 Time consuming, maybe money consuming, but worth every penny.
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I agree in that subframe connectors and anything else you can do to stiffen up
a Fox chassis car is an important thing to do. My favorite frame connector is
the Global west one, it is longer than standard connectors and offers more
strength. I have the standard ones on my 88 and will be cutting them off in
favor of the Global west units. I dont know what the griggs Connectors look
like but I do know their product is top notch. Definitely weld in the
connectors, its permanent but bolting them in still allows flex. There is a
reason the Mustangs are called "Flexible Fliers".

Paul (CCA Pres.)