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Re: SVO: Fog Lights

rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:

> When I purchased the 85' and drove it home from Atlanta..the premium
> fuel switch would light up but would only allow 9lbs of boost. Other
> than that, the trip home went fine (about 225 miles one way). Once home,
> I swapped the fog light and premium fuel switches (btw, they're
> identical swicthes internally)...went for a *spool* down the street
> ..'swing'..14lbs of boost.

Whoa!  I hadn't thought of this before.  When I bought my 85 SVO, the
premium fuel switch position had no effect that I could discern.  I
figured the boost control solenoid had just stopped working, so I
bypassed the boost control system and adjusted the boost manually.

***Critical Part***
I left the fuel selector switch in the premium position, thinking that
I would still get any timing or other computer changes associated with
having the switch in the premium position.  If the problem was the
switch all along, then I've been driving (and racing) and these years
with the conservative "non-premium" timing!  

Does anyone know the best
way to check this?  I have a timing light and could leave the spout
connector in and look for a particular timing value at a particular
RPM, if I knew what values to look for.  I could use wire to jumper
across the switch, and see if anything changes.  Any recommendations?
I suppose I could swap the switches like Bud did (I know my foglight
switch works), but I'm just curious if there's an easier way...