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Re: SVO List

turboman@bellatlantic.net wrote:

> There are 140 people on this list, give or take three, and many of us
> have stock cars or cars with a few mods that are not very much
> interested
> in big cams or whether or not a 3" downpipe works or not.

These mods come pretty early in the list of things you will probably
want to do eventually.  Are you saying that you never intend to
modify the car at all?

> Some of us have questions about our cars, some of us have the answers.
> We may never get the chance to ask our questions or give our answers
> because someone who was kicked off this list knows all and was stuck on
> one subject for a month!!!

I'm sorry you're so frustrated, but why didn't you ask or answer
whatever questions you wanted to anyway?  It seems to me that the
beauty of a mailing list is that your message gets to everyone no
matter how loud everyone else is talking (unlike "live" conversation).
We'd have probably all appreciated you bringing up another subject...;-).