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Re: SVO List

I'm going to have to agree with Mark on this one. I think by Nick saying it
a business secret is going to hurt his business more in the long run. I
myself was going to buy alot of stuff from Nick, and now I'm not going to
buy anything due to the lack of proof and customer service Nick produced on
the cam issue. Were all potential customers and if you can't provide good
customer service your dead in the water.

Another member just lurking in the shadows....

>Joe and Nick,
>>What I don't appreciate is being patronized and told to just sit down
>>and be patient until "Big Daddy Dave" or "The Guru" see fit to explain
>>this apparent conflict to us all.  Personally, I think that Nick got
>>caught by surprise on this one...and further, that he could convince
>>Dave of just about anything he wanted to.
>>haven't hear any...I've just been told that I don't know what I'm doing,
>>I'm lying or that I just want to steal Nick's "secrets".
> I tend to agree with Joe on this point. Is it that big of a secret that
>somebody will take business away from Nick? I think that would increase his
>business if Nick would come out and say how it really works. He stands to
>lose more than anything by saying "wait and see". Yes, I like to see hard
>data and isn't that what tech support/sales is for?
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