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RE: heads

Not to stir up any trouble or anything but there are a few differences, not
to the actual head but stuff on the XR head. There was a running change I
think in late 86 or early 87 that got the new valve seals that are supposed
to be improved.  Also depending on whether it was an auto or a stick they
had different cams.  The 5spds got what *seems* to be a A231 Motorsport
grind.  I don't know much about the auto. cam, but the factory rated the
autos. at 145HP and the 5spd at 175HP. (there prob. are other changes
besides the cam: ECU and boost that account for the 30HP diff.).

Anyway didn't the older SVO's have a different cam from the 85.5-86?  The
5spd XR head would be a good drop in for an early SVO.