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Re: SVO: re: wheel size questions

At 10:40 PM 12/22/97 +0000, Chris Roth wrote:
>Monty Abbott wrote:
>>Last Saturday I put 17"x8" 94 Cobra rims on my 86 SVO...
>Thanks for the info but i wanted to add that those Cobra wheels have a
>5.75" backspacing which are the same as the Mustang GT 17" wheels.  The big
>question is, when will you have pictures available?!?

Monty -- let's get together this weekend -- or the weekend of the LA Auto
Show and I'll take some digitals!

Guys -- Neil and I saw Monty's car last week and it looks cool! Don't know
if it's what I would do, but they look good. 

Hopefully pics in a week or two.