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Contributions -- was Re: SVO: Re: FAQ

At 09:48 PM 12/22/97 +0000, you wrote:
>At 11:13 PM 12/20/97 -0700, Carl Morris wrote:
>>So how's the FAQ coming...anyone? ;-)
>Is there a FAQ in the works?? If not I now have the web space and time to
>get this started. Start sending me input and info!!

SVOOA Members -- 

I've got a good start of many FAQs that have come into our Web site for the
past year and a half -- it's at www.mustangsvo.org/tech.htm -- it's
changing soon to divide things up into categories -- I continue to do
things as I have time, or as people contribute. If you're wanting to
contribute, I'll post just about anything there. If you guys send it, it
happens faster!

And speaking of contributing, Bud Morton contributed some nice photos of a
meet which I have on the site as of a few minutes ago. If you want to see
who Bud is, look there. Thanks again, Bud! Send me more!!!

Jim Dvorak (aka jim@mustangsvo.org)
'86 Shadow Blue -- 1 of 69 -- Slightly Modified
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

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