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Re: SVO: Fog Lights

Monty Abbott wrote:
> >Does anyone know the best
> >way to check this?  I have a timing light and could leave the spout
> >connector in and look for a particular timing value at a particular
> >RPM, if I knew what values to look for.  I could use wire to jumper
> >across the switch, and see if anything changes.  Any recommendations?
> >I suppose I could swap the switches like Bud did (I know my foglight
> >switch works), but I'm just curious if there's an easier way...
> >
> >--
> >Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com
> Buy a $10 DVM (volt/ohm meter) and "ring out" (test) the switch.  Contact
> me for more details if needed.  If anybody in the So. Ca. area is having
> Foglight problems, we can get together and help you track it down.

I already have a meter.  Is the premium position open or closed on the
switch?  I assume closed, since that's when the LED comes on, and I'd
figure that would normally be "on" or closed?