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B. Jones wrote:
> Hey all,
> Lurker here,
> I've gotten really tired of the cam crap, so I broke out a bone stock
> 1986 vintage head off my SVO thats been sitting in my basement.  I
> measured ~0.635" to the retainer with no seal, seal(86 vintage) measured
> ~0.160, that leaves ~0.475, close to the 0.471 we've all heard about 200
> times.  Whooo wait a second that won't work -- BUT -- WHAT IF? imagine
> this, the drop in kit had different retainers, or machined stock ones
> HMMM...
> The distance between the bottom of the retainer and the recessed keepers
> is ~0.07", so with a drop in kit with different retainers, or machined
> stock ones, theoretically you could get TADA 0.545" of lift without
> removing the head.  Magic, I think not.  A possible way to get 0.505
> lift on a stock head, maybe.
> Don't mean to stir things up again, but they said it could not be done.
> Bill

Yes, another lurker, 
         My thought too. Why couldn't a special retainer or different
keepers do the job. My other thought (not having seen a 2.3 valve in 12
years) was there might be a groove under the keeper groove where a
non-interfering square cut seal could be inserted, ala Chevrolet. My
feeling also is that something different must be done in order for that
cam to work. I agree completely with the dial indicator and measuring
department and their figures. But I also believe there ARE non-intrusive
ways for that cam to work without major modifications.
John Garasimowicz '87 TC