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RE: SVO: Fog Lights

Man !  I go out of town for a week and you guys have another "Cage
Match".  I don't really have anything to add in regard to the cam issue.
 Everything has  already been said.  Although I will say, something had
to be done,  and Dave had no choice but to put a stop to it.  It's sad
to see, that guys like Joe, and Scott, can't play well with the rest of
the group.  As they both have helped me with various things,  both on
and off list.  When I manage to put together enuff coin, Nick's my
number 1 choice for the head work on my motor.

>The illumination is via an LED - too bad the switch doesn't disassemble easy

It does come apart quite easily.  The LED was burnt on mine.  How do I
know - I dismantled my switch to test the LED.  The light is a simple
round LED ( 50 cents at Radio Shack), that shines through a red piece of
plastic in the rocker switch - 5 minutes, and a soldering iron.  You
could probably rebuild any part of the switch internals, if your halfway

As for the Premium/Unleaded switch - Don't forget about the inline fuse
between the switch and the EEC.  For those of you only getting 10 psi of
boost in Premium,  with the stock boost control.

>Merry Christmas all...STeve