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Re: SVO List

>>I've checked and double-checked the figures -- and it still looks like
>>the numbers are the same -- I'm open to hearing different numbers, but I
>>haven't hear any...I've just been told that I don't know what I'm doing,
>>I'm lying or that I just want to steal Nick's "secrets".

It's my turn now.
	I have been watching this list for the past few months now and have comne
to a few conclusions.  They don't mean much but what I am planning on doing
with my SVO does.  After having seen a grand total of 2 Mustang SVO's (in
person) in my entire lifetime, I decided that the third was the one that I
needed to own.  That's why I bought on of the 222 that were brought into
Canada as 1984 models.
	When it was sold new it was over 15K.  The 98 Escort ZX2 that I am driving
as my everyday vehicle was a measly 20200 NEW.  That's almost 14 years
later.  That just goes to show many people that these were cars that should
be cherished, whether in their pristine 000007 miles on the odometer
condition or the very clean and respectable 148000 KM on the one I own.
Whether people want to remember this car in NOS condition or in the  sporty
condition that most people improve their cars to after purchase (exhaust,
etc) everyone has an SVO for a different reason.

	Now for the fun part.  If the numbers are correct that people are saying
then things may break but there are many tricks to the trades and growing
up on a farm has taught me that there are times when the laws of Physics
just don't apply (well not really).  Working for a company as a Mechanical
Engineer there are many times that you want to tell people just how you do
things because the concept is so simple that you think everyone should be
able to figure it out.  These are the times that you must bite your lip
because they are trade secrets that aren't yet available to the
competition.  In this case the competition in the 2.3 Turbo area is a very
small group and the market is just as small.  This says to me that every
little edge someone has they will need.

	It's time to start bashing me now.  I am planning to make my SVO into a
trailer Queen.  Not exactly but I don't plan on driving it near as much
next summer.  It's an experience that needs to be savored every chance you

That's all for now.

Erick Liebl, EIT
Plant Manager Quicksilver Fiberglass Manufacturing LTD.