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Re: Fw: SVO List

>It had to happen...
>> I have un-subbed all three of you, from both lists.

        Well, that's pretty ugly!
 I was just going to put in my 2 cents, but now it looks likr I got about a
buch fifty to spend here.

        Let me start by stating, I am not biased to anyones side.  I have
talked to Dave through E-mail quite a few times and he seems like a good
guy.  I have only contacted Nick a few times about Mass-air kit (funny, he
never truly answered the questions I asked) and have no problems with him.
I have only talked to Scott a few times through e-mail, and he seems pretty
cool.  Don't remember ever talking to Cory, so no real judgement (could be
nice, could be an a-hole, I don't know, but seems ok from what I have seen).
I have talked to Joe though over the phone for 5 hours and several times
through E-mail.  He's pretty cool and quite knowledgable (and pretty long
winded too:)  ).  That all said, here goes.

        Why was Nick allowed to stay?  He was just as ignorant and rude as
the others.  None were always thet way, but a few times they were.  Why was
Cory banned?  He hardly said anything.  A possible reason for this was
stated before, but I'm not going to go into it.

        I have been following the whole thing, and in my opinion, Nick is
wrong.  Sorry, but that's what it looks like from this end.  I'm not saying
his cam doesn't work or anything, but this whole thing was about the cam
"physically" working.  He keeps saying "wait for the dyno".  Noone was
questioning whether or not it will make power.  It looks like it will.  The
question was "will it contact the seals or damage the guides".  A dyno test
will not answer this question.  It may take a few thousand miles for the
damage to be apparent.  If it makes great power, excellent.  That's fine.
But will it hit the seals?  He has yet to prove with any hard facts that it
won't.  Yet other have come up with pretty good theories (can't call them
proof because they did not have Nick's cam in hand) that say it will.  From
this end, it looks as though the only answer Nick can come up with is
another question.  None of this bickering would have happened if Nick would
have just answered the question.
        Does it use special retainers?  Special keepers?  Does it come with
YamaKamaBu the witch doctor to perform VooDoo on the head during
installation?  What's the "trade secret"?  It can't be that much of a secret
as anyone who has bought the cam can just tell us.
        So what's the deal?  I'm not trying to restart this whole thing, I
just want to state my position on this and why I feel that this whole thing,
whether the cam works or not, has just about killed any possible future
sales of "the cam".  I know that I personally won't buy something from
someone that won't even explain to me how it works.  If that was the case, I
would go see "Joe Isuzu" :)

        Thanks for your time, and I hope this doesn't cause any bad blood
between me and any others on the list as I have no bad feelings towards any
"person" here.  Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                Bug Bug

BTW- Can someone get me a ladder?  This soapbox is REALLY high  :)