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Re: SVO List

All you or anyone has to do is read our catalog. It states that our roller
camshaft kit comes with machined retainers, keepers and seals. This why we
call it a kit. I will not defend myself or my products everytime someone feels
like taking a cheep shot at me, this is not the peoples court. We have sold
this kit to many people and they love them. 
What are you talking about when you say proof and customer service? Are you a
customer of mine? Did you e-mail me or call me about any of or products? If
you did not how would you know about the kind of service we give to our
customers. Are we not going to the dyno to do testing on our products. We
provide the very best customer service, and almost at all hours of the day
seven days a week. If you  feel that you did not get good service from us
because we do not tell you how we do something, you are then making a mistake.
If you are a customer of mine you would not be saying anything like this.
 Do you ask for dyno sheet after your get your car worked on? This would be
the only way to be 100% sure if it runs better. When you cash your pay check
to you aks the people at the bank to prove to you that the money is real? In
life you have to sometimes take peoples word on things. As for us all you have
to do is ask any of our customers, I am very sure that most if not all are
very happy with us. This is what I call real proof about what we say and sell.
We do not spend one dollar on any type of advertisement. Most of our customers
come to us by word of mouth, other happy customers. This is and always shall
be the best advertisement you can ever have. This also is the best proof you
or antbody else should ever need.
We try our very best at help both customers and non customers. But everybody
knows that you cannot please everybody evertime. I feel you are making a very
bad mistake on something that we could not control. It may be that  Joe has
proven his point, you can still sell snake oil and people will buy it. We feel
anytime we do work for someone it is based on trust, this is how most of life
works. If you as a customer cannot trust the people you are dealing with you
should go to someone who you can trust. We never try to turn away any
customers, be if you do not trust us then please take your business somewhere
 Of all the people on this list to trust you let yourself be sucked in by
false claims and rumors that are proven wrong. How does anyone prove themself
against a false claim or rumor. You can not and never will be able to fight a
this. Joe maynot be selling parts but he is selling BS. This stuff sometime
sells better then the real thing, it must have for you. I could call Joe a
liar or say he is backed into a corner but we now know he was wrong. Why did
he say it would not work? I do think it was by accident, he made a mistake.
The problem is he does not know much about the inside workings of the motor. I
do not find anything wrong with this. This is normal, he is not a engine
builder or a machinist. Most of my customers do a great job of assembling the
motors after we do all the machine work on them. Joe seems to do well on his
also. He pays someone to do the machine work and then he jumps right in.
Thanks again