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SVO: Thanks Bill!


Just got back from there...  

I used the end of a slide caliper with the retainer
off...(Duhhh...should have just asked Steve...) and got like .067"

The way the head there still measures (.615") that leaves .018" left
with the stock seal...still a bit tight in my book, but at least it
won't actually smash it on every car, every time.  

That's assuming that the bottom of the keeper is dead level with the
bottom of the keeper --- incidentally, Steve (owns Web-Cam) was shaking
his head as I was explaining it to him....:)  He didn't think it was too
good of an idea.

With a thin seal, it would have acceptable clearance, as long as the
valve geometry was identical to factory (not cut down at all).  If they
were shortened at all during a rebuild, it would be back to interference

Thanks for helping out...*that* is what a list like this is supposed to
be for -- sharing stuff.

So much for that "proprietary" crap, eh?

Joe Morgan