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Re: SVO List

Mp23cc wrote:
> <lots-o-snippage all over>
> All you or anyone has to do is read our catalog. It states that our roller
> camshaft kit comes with machined retainers, keepers and seals. This why we
> call it a kit.

>  Do you ask for dyno sheet after your get your car worked on? This would be
> the only way to be 100% sure if it runs better.

I don't have access to a dyno, but I would take my car to the track
and get a ballpark number by way of mph.  If the product didn't
perform as advertised I would warn my friends about it.  BUT, since
I don't have a lot of extra cash, I probably would never buy it in
the first place unless I know someone who had bought it, and had
quantified the improvement that it made for him.  That way I could
figure out the price/performance ratio and see if it was worthwhile.

> If you as a customer cannot trust the people you are dealing with you
> should go to someone who you can trust. We never try to turn away any
> customers, be if you do not trust us then please take your business somewhere
> else.

Well, that's the problem in a nutshell.  We want performance products
for our motors, but almost all of what's been available so far has
turned out to be snake oil.  We'd like to do business on nothing
but trust, but we've been burned too many times to do that any more.
Honest vendors in this market may have to prove their products a
little more than normal due to the dishonest vendors that have come

>  Of all the people on this list to trust you let yourself be sucked in by
> false claims and rumors that are proven wrong. 

I haven't seen anything proven either way so far, just lots of
interesting questions.

> How does anyone prove themself
> against a false claim or rumor. You can not and never will be able to fight a
> this. Joe maynot be selling parts but he is selling BS. This stuff sometime
> sells better then the real thing, it must have for you. I could call Joe a
> liar or say he is backed into a corner but we now know he was wrong. Why did
> he say it would not work? I do think it was by accident, he made a mistake.

The way I understood it, he said it would not work with the stock
hardware, and no one has said anything to prove that wrong.  Apparently,
(if your kit works as advertised) you've replaced a piece of the stock
hardware with a custom piece that creates the necessary clearance.
What would have been so hard about just saying so to begin with, if
that's the case?