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Re: SVO List

In the immortal words of SNL...

"Jane, you ignorant slut..."

If you had even half of a brain, you would have viewed my INQUIRY as a
question. (mostly because it had a "?" behind it)

You are the one who wouldn't answer the question(s), and had Dave
running cover for you.

I'm not backed into a corner in the least -- because I was actually 
*looking* for an answer -- and I believe (with the help of an astute
lurker) that I have found it...and posted it to the list.

Had you taken time out of your mono-syllabic, un-punctuated and
occasionally vulgar tirades, you could have just answered the question
as it was put (nicely enough) the first few times.

As for who is selling "BS"...I'll let the record stand on it's
own...wanna race my Ranger or my SVO?  Both go faster than your fastest
creations -- with completely untouched motors and completely intact and
California-legal emissions systems.  Who's your daddy now?

(HINT:  The Ranger will be in Truckin' and Mini-Truckin in a couple of
months...is THAT heavy enough for you?) 

Sorry about the big words.

Joe Morgan