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Re: SVO: Thanks Bill!

Joe Morgan wrote:

> I used the end of a slide caliper with the retainer
> off...(Duhhh...should have just asked Steve...) and got like .067"

Oops ;-)

> The way the head there still measures (.615") that leaves .018" left
> with the stock seal...still a bit tight in my book, but at least it
> won't actually smash it on every car, every time.

OK, cool.  No proprietary crap required, it's just pushed to the
very limit...a concern for some, not for others.

> Thanks for helping out...*that* is what a list like this is supposed to
> be for -- sharing stuff.

So...it IS possible to do what Nick's done without seal damage, although
it's a tight squeeze on even an optimum motor.  

Congrats Nick, now I'm satisfied on this issue, mostly because I'm
not as concerned about possible light seal damage as some might be.
If you're using special hardware that increases the clearance a
little more, you still might want to say so.

Now it's on to the dyno to see what's what. ;-)  Do well in
this event and I predict even Joe will buy one ;-).  Later...