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Re: Fw: SVO List

On Tue, 23 Dec 1997, Chris Costanzo wrote:

>         Let me start by stating, I am not biased to anyones side.  I have
> talked to Dave through E-mail quite a few times and he seems like a good
> guy.  I have only contacted Nick a few times about Mass-air kit (funny, he
> never truly answered the questions I asked) and have no problems with him.
> I have only talked to Scott a few times through e-mail, and he seems pretty
> cool.  Don't remember ever talking to Cory, so no real judgement (could be
> nice, could be an a-hole, I don't know, but seems ok from what I have seen).
> I have talked to Joe though over the phone for 5 hours and several times
> through E-mail.  He's pretty cool and quite knowledgable (and pretty long
> winded too:)  ).  That all said, here goes.
>         Why was Nick allowed to stay?  He was just as ignorant and rude as
> the others.  None were always thet way, but a few times they were.  Why was

But that doesnt matter.....
maybe "this side" has said some harsh things that shouldnt have been put
the way it was, and the situation wasnt approached the way it should have,
but also, I feel that me and Joe and Cory all are eager to help people on
this list.  I dunno how many times I repost the same old solutions, to the
same old problems, but it doesn't bother me.
Now Nick, what the hell does he offer? I dont think I ever seen him make a
post that somehow wasnt a free advertisement.  I never seen him post to
people having maintanence questions.  If the opputunity of a sale is not
there, he wont be bothered.  And it has nothing to do with being a busy
business owner either.  just becasue he runs a machine shop doesnt mean he
has less time for this than someone who spends the same amount of time a
week as a carpenter.

Now dont think I am causing trouble..I am just pointing something out.
When the sh*t hits the fan, everyone is quick to forget that we actually
do help people on here, all the time, even thru all this.  While the only
posts from nick are things to promote his business...sure he has posted to
solve a persons problem, but usually with "my xxxx product is just what
you need"

just my observation...if I am wrong, tell me, but dont tell me to just
shut up.....

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