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Re: SVO List

Carl, we have done dyno runs before and so has a few customers. We have all
that info in our catalog. The problem is people like to blast away at it. Not
becasue they do something better, because then do not know how to do it by
themself. Yes I know all about the 2.3 world of parts that do not work. This
is why and how I got started, I spent tons of money on stuff that did not
work. Then I started to build do my own products, even then not everthing work
100%. It was a long and very costly road, but I feel we can offer some of the
best 2.3 parts that you can buy. We have been doing the 2.3 turbo motor for
more the 10 years, longer then most people out there. As we grow so will our
products. As for the camshaft debate, it was started by someone who is pissed
off because he did not know how to do it. Not because our camshaft does not
work, only because he could not do better. Thanks again