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FW: Fw: SVO List

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>Sent:	Tuesday, December 23, 1997 11:28 PM
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>>It had to happen...
>>> I have un-subbed all three of you, from both lists.
>        Well, that's pretty ugly!
> I was just going to put in my 2 cents, but now it looks likr I got about a
>buch fifty to spend here.
>        Let me start by stating, I am not biased to anyones side.  I have
>talked to Dave through E-mail quite a few times and he seems like a good
>guy.  I have only contacted Nick a few times about Mass-air kit (funny, he
>never truly answered the questions I asked) and have no problems with him.
>I have only talked to Scott a few times through e-mail, and he seems pretty
>cool.  Don't remember ever talking to Cory, so no real judgement (could be
>nice, could be an a-hole, I don't know, but seems ok from what I have seen).
>I have talked to Joe though over the phone for 5 hours and several times
>through E-mail.  He's pretty cool and quite knowledgable (and pretty long
>winded too:)  ).  That all said, here goes.
>        Why was Nick allowed to stay?  He was just as ignorant and rude as
>the others.  None were always thet way, but a few times they were.  Why was
>Cory banned?  He hardly said anything.  A possible reason for this was
>stated before, but I'm not going to go into it.
>        I have been following the whole thing, and in my opinion, Nick is
>wrong.  Sorry, but that's what it looks like from this end.  I'm not saying
>his cam doesn't work or anything, but this whole thing was about the cam
>"physically" working.  He keeps saying "wait for the dyno".  Noone was
>questioning whether or not it will make power.  It looks like it will.  The
>question was "will it contact the seals or damage the guides".  A dyno test
>will not answer this question.  It may take a few thousand miles for the
>damage to be apparent.  If it makes great power, excellent.  That's fine.
>But will it hit the seals?  He has yet to prove with any hard facts that it
>won't.  Yet other have come up with pretty good theories (can't call them
>proof because they did not have Nick's cam in hand) that say it will.  From
>this end, it looks as though the only answer Nick can come up with is
>another question.  None of this bickering would have happened if Nick would
>have just answered the question.
>        Does it use special retainers?  Special keepers?  Does it come with
>YamaKamaBu the witch doctor to perform VooDoo on the head during
>installation?  What's the "trade secret"?  It can't be that much of a secret
>as anyone who has bought the cam can just tell us.
>        So what's the deal?  I'm not trying to restart this whole thing, I
>just want to state my position on this and why I feel that this whole thing,
>whether the cam works or not, has just about killed any possible future
>sales of "the cam".  I know that I personally won't buy something from
>someone that won't even explain to me how it works.  If that was the case, I
>would go see "Joe Isuzu" :)
>        Thanks for your time, and I hope this doesn't cause any bad blood
>between me and any others on the list as I have no bad feelings towards any
>"person" here.  Merry Christmas everyone!
>                                                Bug Bug
>BTW- Can someone get me a ladder?  This soapbox is REALLY high  :)