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Re: SVO: Exhaust Manifold porting

In a message dated 97-12-24 13:24:27 EST, jdvorak@deltanet.com writes:

<< Paul,
 One thing that was never mentioned in this discussion was the machinery
 involved. It's no $100 Craftsman grinder that is used. It's a huge
 hydraulically operated machine that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars
 and it runs for several hours. 
 } Agreed, the machinery is expensive but you could make more money through
more volume of business(by lower cost) in order to pay off your initial

 The actual manual labor involved is strictly in the set-up, which is done
 on an individual basis -- there aren't really any specific jigs. The real
 cost is the time it takes to run the very expensive machinery for hours on
} Agreed, but most intakes they do repeteadly which means employees should be
able to set them up rather quickly.{
 So accept it. And quit whining. And quit talking about V8s or we're going
 to put you in a straight jacket!!!
}I accept it, just wont spend it. I dont see the value for the money(my
opinion). I am not whining, just inputting my opinion.I have an EH GT-40 lower
but I bought it used at Carlisle and let someone else eat the cost. Sorry
about the V8 reference but it was what I am familiar with as I am new to the
2.3 and have been into V8's from the start. I didn't know prices for the 2.3
parts but did for the V8.

Happy Holidays All, Paul (CCA Pres.)
 Jim Dvorak (aka jim@mustangsvo.org)