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Re: SVO: Exhaust Manifold porting

Jim Dvorak wrote:
> At 10:43 PM 12/22/97 -0600, rumoving@bellsouth.net wrote:
> >Ever thought about just having the entire manifold Extrude-Hone?
> Extrude honing is great, and I don't know of any problems, except for the
> expense. I would have gotten one if I could have afforded it. I would bet
> there's marginal differences between a good ported one and an extrude-honed
> unit. In other words, the most bang for the buck (gut feeling) seems to be
> the ported one.
> Jim Dvorak 


Just for curiousity sake, I called a friend who's an Extrude Hone rep.
You're right, it's expensive. It turns out-it's more (compared to a 5.0
intake) because the manifold is made out of cast iron. 

Cost? how bout $350.00 for the exhaust manifold & $350.00 to do both of
the intake manifolds.

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E