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Hi all, My name is Jim Mcdonald from El Paso,Tx. I own an 88 TC slightly
tweaked and a kinda nasty little 72 Ford Turbo Pinto..
My bird has all the mods necessary to make it a street sleeper, 3"
exhaust,MSD,"Super Chip", 3.73 gears,9" K&N,ported upper & lower,T5 swap
from A4LD and power everything,4000lbs  quickest time is 15.50@ 89.It's
alright for my daily driver .

My pinto, that's a whole different story. I built this car to be as fast and
as light as possible.
Engine : 84 SVO head ,large valves,engle cam, ported and polished
Intake   : 86 EFI ported and gasket matched, ported throttle  body,custom
made 1/2 " fuel rail and pressure regulator from 89 Ranger ECM from 86 TC
intercooler from 88 TC
Turbo    : 86 Merk ported and polished compressor housing
Exhaust  : Full 3" mandrel bent with 4" Race Muffler exiting front of rear
Block    : 85 Mustang non turbo converted to turbo with proper drain
  rods are polished with TRW Turbo  forged slugs, studded mains
Ignition  : MSD 7AL,2-step module
Trans : 88 TC  T-5 with solid hub clutch
Rear  : 8" from 70 Maverick ,4.62 gears / detroit locker
Body  : 72 body  fully gutted ,lexan windows except front, hood scoop from
Mopar 6 pack, soon to be painted Grabber Yellow with Boss 302 stripes and
will be replaced with " BOSS 2.3 "

I don't know how much HP but assuming 280 with T3 and 300+ with new T4/T3
that's in the works along with header

The car weighs 2340 with driver..
Track still closed til Feb

see Ya
Jim Mcdonald