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Re: SVO: Light Bulbs

At 07:32 PM 12/5/97 +0000, Jim Dvorak wrote:
>Anyone have suggestions for (or against) any particular replacement light
>bulb for the 1985.5-86 headlights?


I hope you haven't needed to see in the dark for the past 3 weeks or so, as
people have been too busy posting more important things than to suggest how
you can better see with your headlights on. In fact, I had the answer to
this question more than two weeks ago, but I too quite frankly have been
too busy to care that you can't see in the dark.

But alas, I finally come to the rescue.

I went to Pep Boys and researched it I did, as I too needed new bulbs for
my 1986 SVO. It seems its dark in the dark. Especially with only one
headlight -- and when they're yellow, it's even darker. (Love those Lexan

I looked in the Sylvania book they had hanging there. Found out that
Sylvania seems to think that the 1984-86 SVOs all had sealed beams. 

The Pep Boys computer thinks the same thing. 

Hmmmm....guess I know less about SVOs than I thought.

Since the information at hand wasn't any help, and lest I guess between the
two different popular halogen replacements they had hanging there (I think
not), I then realized I had to remove the stinking headlight out in the
parking lot. Luckily I can see in the dark and it's not that big of deal.
Squeeze the three clips holding it in, and unscrew the connector ring thing
and unplug the wire.

Unfortunately the reason my halogen bulb went out seems to be that it blew
up -- possibly from all the moisture that was condensing on the inside. So
I go walking back in to Pep Boys with my dirty headlight assembly and
broken halogen bulb in hand. I'm glad they have a bathroom, and free
plastic bags to carry junk in and out with.

I found the guy who said I needed sealed beams (lucky me), and we decided
that I wanted the Sylvania 9004 LL (twice the life) bulb. They're $10 each
right now at Pep Boys, and you can get $2 rebate on a pair if you want to
send in the receipt (no fakes or copies), the UPC codes (which you could
peel off of the packages in the store), the coupon that expires on February
28, 1998, and you only live in the USA, and it's not prohibited by law, and
you want to give them your name and address so they put you on every junk
mail list known to man, and you want to wait 8-10 weeks to find out if they
eliminated your unauthorized duplicate by not responding to you.

Anyway, it turns out the bulb that was in there was also a Sylvania --
dated Feb 7, 1986. Maybe I didn't need to pay extra for the long life. Not
only is it made in the USA, it's also "Hecha en los Estados Unidos." It
also said "Bombilla de luz alta/baja de larga duracion para sistema de 2
faros" -- I took Spanish in 6th grade. Didn't know how to drive then. Maybe
it's not important. Sounds important though.

But I digress again. (Bud says I need to lay off the Jack Daniels.)

So because I had broken glass from the bulb inside my wet headlight lens, I
had to let it dry out and then shook out the chunks of (now dry) glass that
were on the inside. Hopefully you won't have the same problem.

Then I'm thinking of the theory that one should drill a small hole on the
bottom side of the headlight lens. Bob Wallace did this on his '86. Neil
had a guy do the special treatment on his lenses to clear them up, and he
did this too. Seems some have done this with success. I'm not sure. I'm
also wondering if maybe the little o-ring should be greased-up a little
with some dielectric grease -- maybe moisture is getting-in there?

Someone else perhaps can shed some light on this.

Thanks, and good luck Jim with your headlights.

P.S. Dave, are you asleep yet? 


Jim Dvorak (aka jim@mustangsvo.org)
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