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Re: Wheels

	Chris, I have already rolled the rear fender for clearance when using a pair
of slicks mounted on Weld Prostars when at the drag strip, they are 8" wide
with a 5.5" backspacing.  My car is lowered with the Eibach springs and stock
Koni's.  I plan on autocrossing the car this year and wanted to use the wheels
on my SVO and my 93 GT.  My GT has front and rear discs off an SVO, but is not
lowered.  I also had a question about the throttle body upgrade.  My car is
mostly stock, manual boost control, K&N cone filter, 3" off road pipe and 2
1/4" Dynomax mufflers and tailpipes, also a 4.30 gear in an 8.8 rearend.
Would I see any benefit with the larger throttle body?

Thank you, Chris.