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RE: Correction

	The NHRA has "official" correction factors that I
consider pretty optimistic (as in, they lead you to believe
that you'd run faster at sea level than I think you would,
they don't take into account boost level or compression
efficiency or anything else, they're just a big average guess).
I made a program that I feel is more accurate (although
any program trying to take into account these things has
to do a little guessing).  You can play with it at:


I already ran your numbers under the assumption you were
at about 9psi of boost, it showed you running about a 16
flat at sea level, which is probably about right for the runs
you were making.


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> Chris or Carl,
> Do you know the correction factor for 1/4 times run at our level to
> times run at sea level?
> As always, thanks!
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