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Re: SVO Turbo


What I would really like is to get a turbo that spools up quicker!!  I don't
get full boost until about 2800 rpm.   would like to have full boost by 2k!
so if you know where to get a better turbo let me know.  I'll call the one
you talk about and see what they have to say.     When the turbo went out a
number of years ago I got the replacement from Turbo City and all just
worked fine until now.

thanks for the suggestions.


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From: Chris Roth <caroth@rothfam.com>
To: Bob Cloutier <bob@protsys.com>
Date: Monday, August 10, 1998 12:02 PM
Subject: Re: SVO Turbo

>>I ran my SVO a bit too hard over the weekend and blew the Turbo...  I
>>the last one from Turbo City in Long Beach CA.  I checked on your website
>>and thought maybe I should get my new one from a better place to get more
>Oops!  I have not had that happen yet, hopefully I never do... I only have
>vendors that I have dealt with.  Blaylock guys are really nice.  There is a
>turbo outfit in Golden called TEC (Turbo Engineering Co., I think). I have
>heard good things about them but also some bad things.  Turbonetics is also
>a good supply house but really expensive.  I think I would give the TEC in
>Golden a shot first. I don't have their number but I know it is the phone
>>any ideas??  Also I don't see Turbo City listed any special reason?
>Never dealt with or have heard of anyone using Turbo City, so the jury is
>still out on them...Good luck.
>Chris Roth - Northern Colorado