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 i must have misunder stood the question . well i have an 86 svo bought it in 1996 for 1500. the guy i bought 
it from had some work done to it . the guy who worked on the car cut a wire but he wrapped in electrical 
tape and it kept coming apart inside the tape so the guy told him he was having an electrical problem and it 
would be 2500 to fix it so he said the hell with it so i bought it i messed with it in driveway and couldnt get it 
gonig there was no sound no power no nothing i  made a couple of calls told them the problem  then i was 
told to check by the selinoid so i checked i saw black tape pulled it apart there it was the wire was apart 
from the other wire so i taped it back up with the wires touching of course the car started right up the guy 
face dropped to the ground by then it was to late i gave him the money already   the car has been sitting for 
two   n   a  half years  it has  a little rust the color is oxford white  it had grey cloth but i converted to grey 
leather over the weekend the seats i have know are from an 85.5. the mods  are step 2 turbo from ets i have 
there vain meter set up to msd 6al  cold air set up from T.A i have a 3 inch exhaust from the turbo back. i 
also have  a superchip ,2 chamber flowmaster a cam sprocket at 4 degrees retard on my car my valves or 
somethiing was hitting my car ran like shit so i did 2 degrees retard my car didnt make power pass 4100 rpm 
so know i have it 4advance it seems to be doing allright i havent tried  2 advance yet i have a 190 in tank 
pump also a billet adjustable regulator my best et was a 14.4 at 94  mph with nitto drag radials once there 
broken in i will get a little better et  ets is doing me a head right know ported polished big valves everything 
except the cam im still trying to decide which one yet i want the header but i was told the company who 
designed it used cheap steele they say every day use can cause it to spider crack in places it cant be welded
 by the way my turbo may take a little longer to spool but thats when the top end kicks in i also have 45lb 
injectors from rc engineering im only running 18psi i can run in the neighbor hood of  20 -25psi i know my et 
would drop big time my head gasket is stock thats why im taking it easy but when im at the street races im 
feard they give the 4 banger svo big respect write me back