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we had a lot of fun at Bandimere.   Who won the show prize?   That red 86
really looked nice.   I thought the way the svos were parked was a bit
poor...  should of had them with the hoods facing the other way..

I saw that you were able to run a low 15 but the others were all in the 16s
or 17s       not very fast.

but the reason for the email is my turbo.   I still haven't gotten it
resolved with TEC   per them the unit I got is great!!  and it is nice but
no power.   so do I have them just make me a stock unit or ???  I have
called and whined to them and even spoke to the owner there Jim    and they
just seem to feel that it is my fault but it was there staff people who sold
me the one I got!    so ideas??