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all seems perfect!!   the turbo is working fine and my car now seems to work
fine again.

Just for your info.  I still get full boost right at 3000 rpm   and full
boost with this turbo is right at 18 psi....   but not high enough to make
my buzzer go off...   So really it might be a pound or so less than my other
unit.    No problem though.  This one does whine a bit but so did my other
so probably normal for a ford one.

I just really wanted to say thanks as now my car is on the road again and it
works like it should and I didn't have to replace any other parts to get it
to work.

I really wouldn't recommend sending anyone to TEC as the owner Jim is a real
Jerk!!   I did file a complaint with the BBB just to have the incident on
file.   I was (not really) surprised to hear that they had other complaints
against them...  I wonder why?

any ways let the guy who you got the turbo from know that all is working
fine.  and it is on my 85 1/2 SVO

thanks bob