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Re: Exhaust manifold


I should of checked my mail before going and playing around in the

If you want, go ahead and leave the manifold sitting somewhere outside
your house and I'll pick it up on my way to work  tomorrow.  I'll leave
a check for $120 taped to your front door.

BTW,  was the aluminum driveshaft you got for your SVO the same one as
for the 5.0 or is it a different length?  Did you have to swap out the
yokes or did it come with new ones?

James Estrada
// 1984 Mustang GT Turbo //

--- Begin Message ---

I got your message from my wife.  I will still be up until midnight 
if you want to stop by and pick up the manifold.  I think it was 
$115.00 plus tax so $120.00 should cover it.

I live at 4400 Hollyhock.  If you are coming from Horsetooth, go 
south on Manhattan (the street the 10 plex movie theatre is on) and 
go all the way down to the stop sign.  Take a right (west) and turn 
left on Starflower (south)  I think it is the second or third left.  

Head south on Starflower to the third right which is Bitterbrush and 
follow it to Hollyhock which is the first full intersection (not the 
first Cul-de-sac).  We are on the southeast corner of Bitterbrush and 

If I have totally confused you, them head down Shields to Harmony and 
take a left on Harmony.  The stoplight right there at Front Range 
Community College is Starflower, take a left on Starflower.  Then 
take your first left (Wakerobin) and then your second right 
(Hollyhock) and come up to the stopsight.  When you get to the 
stopsign, look to your right, and there is our house.  The red SVO 
and Contour will be sitting in the driveway.  We also have Pumkin 
light hanging across our garage door.


Chris Roth - Northern Colorado

--- End Message ---