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	For the wheels I'm just trying to get a rough idea of cost.  I really 
don't drive mine much in the snow, but the SZ50s SUCK in the snow, I might as 
well bought slicks for the traction they give.  I really prefer to sink the 
money into some head work or something.
	Speaking of which do you have any experise/ opinion on a Alum "big 
valve head" v. stock head ported polished w/ big valves. I'm just guessing 
here but I'd say the alum head might give slighty more power but would be more 
prone to cracking/warping especially considering the high temps are engines 
run at.  They do use the same intake and exhuast manifolds right?
	If you can get the anntena for $20 or less, $120 or less for the 
exhaust manifold, $200 or less for the block, or $40 each or less for the 
front rotors, I'll by the stuff.
	Yeah I'll pass the car info along.  I don't think he's made up his 
mind one way or another yet, but he did really like the 86 we saw last 
weekend.  It is black with about 47K (no sunroof or leather), and the only 
work I can tell it needs is one new muffler.  Its really straight, though 
kinda dirty and the guy wants somewhere between $5500-$6000 for it.  If you 
end up getting those parts then I'd have an excuse to drive up your way to 
pick'm up and I could drag my friend along.
	Heard of any events happening in the next few months?  I know its the 
winter but I've got that mustang itch.
	I'm going to be out of town from the 18th->5th, just so you know.

Take it easy,
Go Air Force,
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Sent by:"Chris Roth" <caroth@rothfam.com>

I can get ford parts at a little above cost.  I will check when I am 
down in Phoenix next Monday.

> Do you know of any cheap 15x7 wheels that'll fit a SVO's for snow tire use?

Head to the junk yards and look for steel wheels off of the Plymouth 
Grand Fury cop cars that were used by the State Patrol.  The should 
be 15X7 with the same bolt pattern as the SVO.  I know you can also 
get a set of 94up Mustang wheels off of a 6cyl Mustang.  The are 
15X7.  If you look at my main SVO web page, you will see the wheels 
on the rear of my SVO (at the track)  I got rid of those wheels but I 
can get them if you are interested in Phoenix, let me know.

> Did you sell your car yet?  My friends still looking, but to be honest he's 
> leaning more to an 86.

Well the 86 is more desireable because of the additional power and 
flush headlights, but they made much more of them.  For example, they 
made 3314 86 SVOs and only 1925 85 SVOs and only 290 85 SVO Mustangs 
in Jalapeno Red.  So I guess, if he is collecting the SVO, my 85 is a 
limited production car.  Just the stats of course.

I also should let you know that the 85 has over 210hp as it sits, and 
all you need to do is turn up the boost a little to get more power.  
I have decided I will take $4300.00 for it.


Chris Roth - Northern Colorado