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SVO: 1984 Comp Preps -- Even More!

At 03:52 PM 1/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>After the earlier discussion concerning how many 84' comp prep SVO were
>made, I took a look at the SVOOA options listed on their site
>(http://corral.net/svooa/svoprod.html) ..which now list the delete radio
>option as a 'comp prep'

Aaah. So there's 40 1984 Comp Preps listed there. Good reference. Scott
Persson does that site for SVOOA with SVOOA info.

I would bet that those are mostly made in the 1984-1/2 model year (so to
speak) -- with quad shocks.

Now the thing I need to emphasize is that any numbers we get from Ford like
this are at times somewhat rough. 

Note that the MAC Tools car that was in white and it is not listed in the
chart. This is not uncommon. The MAC Tools car might not be included in the
total production car figures as well. (Like the all-wheel drive prototype
models that aren't). The MAC car might not even be a legal street car for
all we know (running around without a VIN -- just a theory -- remember it
is a RACE car).

Even today Ford and SVT have differing numbers on the actual SVT Cobras
built last year, so they're going with Ford's numbers.

Just wanting to complicate things more, eh?

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