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Re: Heads

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> What are the differences in Heads, throughout the years. I have read in
> different places that there is a 90 degree turn in head on the exhaust
> side. This must be an air flow restriction. Is the TC had better,
> Merkur, or is there an Aftermarket head that is best.

Flow wise, all the "D-ports" are the same...mid-'85-on heads had an
additional bolt hole to accomodate the newer manifolds and '87-on turbos
had valve seat inserts to make them more resistant to cracking.

> Also, what size injectors did the 85.5 and 86 run, I heard, 30,31,35,36
> etc... 

Per Ford...35 lb/hr, made by Deisel Kiki...brown top with silver body

 I am thinking of ugrading my computer to the 86 "PE" chip and
> will need to know what size of injectors to use  and where best to get
> them.

Wrecking yard or Scott's house. ;)  Good luck finding a (reasonably
priced) computer...  I hear Tim has one for sale, but it's probably
still on the West Coast...he'll just have whoever owns it ship it to

Have fun...

Joe Morgan