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        Hey Guys,
  Has anyone seen the latest issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords?  I'd say
we got some pretty good coverage.

        Congrats to Mike Abbey for an "almost wheels up" photo on page 142
of his SVO launching at the NMCA race in St. Louis.  That left wheel is just
barely touchin' and beggin for the sky.  He also got mention in the article
for his 12.10 at 110.76 run.  NICE!  Unfortunately, it also mentioned that
he got taken out by a Talon.  Those damned Pentastars!  But don't feel bad,
that Talon also took out a `96 DOHC Cobra.  Now if they would have put Mike
against that Cobra....... :)

        In the Mailbag, we have a letter from our own Chuck Taylor bragging
(rightfully deserved I might add) about his frankenstien SVO.  Also, our own
Dean Rich had his letter printed in which he mentioned "a 2.3 E-mail list,
and there must be at least 150 members on it".  Sounds like a bunch of great
guys, anyone know where to find them? :)  Even the Merk list got some press
with a letter from Allen Slocum.  Another letter was submitted via E-mail by
Jim McCool.  Is Jim in the house?

        Well, unfortunately they did not print all the nasty responses to
Tiny Avenger.  Hmmmmm....  I wonder why?  Oh well.

        Well, congrats everyone who made it to print.  And even though it's
a V-8, you guys gotta check out the article on the Super Stallion.  That car

                                                Bug Bug